Aselia-con Artist Alley go!


I managed to get off work early and had a fantastic first day at Aselia-con today! Thanks to everyone who came by and said hello to me in my closet peasant-Velvet cosplay and TOP from Bigbang, he was my invisible helper lol. If you are missing something, visit me tomorrow for my probably last appearance at Aselia-con unless my work schedule drastically changes next year. I also have a Lailah-themed necklace at the art show, as well!


back at it – Tales of marathon [fanart]

I unfortunately work the weekend of Aselia-con AGAIN but my helper may be there Friday, and I will be definitely there vending Sunday in the artist alley with yet another cadre of new characters and (fingers crossed) new acrylic charms! This year due to my work schedule I do not foresee myself in Lolita or cosplay or at cons that much, not even A-kon, though I will make an attempt to go to an Austin con. But I will try to update my online shops, my local patrons will have to suffer shipping fees in the meantime.

2017 end of the year art survey

Here is my annual end of the year art survey, month by month my best or favorite pieces. I guess I technically drew every month but they were commissions or sketches or just too ugly to spotlight, haha. I didn’t have a very good year in terms of improving technique, but I drew a lot of okayish videogame fanart for conventions, a lot of inktober pieces and that’s all right. Next year, if I ever get my computer fixed, I want to focus on anatomy of hands, doing traditional inking with sumi-e and calligraphy and just really taking my coloring/rendering to the next level. But if things don’t work out drawing-wise, which is likely, I may do something else with video editing and crafting instead! We’ll see…

inktober 2017 continued [fanart]

Now here are some of the halfway decent fanart pieces I drew during Inktober, which I technically finished by the way! I drew something from almost start to finish every day, even if some things were adding to a previous piece, lol. I did enjoy fiddling with traditional media, not only ink but pencil, markers and white-out, and feel ready to get back in the game some day!

Matsuoka Gou from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

ink, 2017

Angela “Mercy” Zeigler from Overwatch

ink, gold ink, 2017

Amir from A Bride’s Tale

ink, 2017

Yuko Ichihara from XxxHolic

ink, 2017

[sale] moving sale, plus limited edition convention-only fan merch!

Finally added every single merch I’ve ever made to etsy. Check out the 50% sale on small prints with free US shipping until November 20th. All proceeds go to charity and humanitarian causes!

Also in the small prints sale, small Daiso charms for $2!

Neko Atsume paper flake stickers, pre-cut or on half sheets, also $2!

Single vinyl Redbubble leftover stickers or all 9 glittery Sailor Scouts with Eevee evolutions for $2

single Touken Ranbu or non-glittery Sailor Scouts free with purchase.

Don’t forget the Tales of series large prints and buttons!

Kinokuniya Otaku-tober event!

Hello all! I will be vending in the mini artist alley at the Kinokuniya Otaku-tober event in Carrollton, Texas! Please stop by and say hi and get your spoopy art! It sounds like it will be a very small but fun event which is most importantly free, plus there’s all these great places to eat and shop in the area.

Inktober 2017 progress [original]

I am also doing some inktober stuff but due to my work schedule, I haven’t actually drawn the themes I wanted to. Here are some of my original characters and concepts which I liked. 

Celestial Ram logo concept

Hannah (OC)

Eisheth (OC)

Quentin (OC)

Jolene, a concept inspired by the 33rpm remix of Dolly Parton’s song

more Tales of series fanart [fanart]

I started these “Tales of” series bust drawings for button badges in March of last year, with a few of the better waist-up figures making their way into prints and bookmarks. Here are a few that I was super proud of! Be sure to buy them as buttons here!

[CG 2017]

Zaveid from Tales of Zestiria

[CG 2017]

Leon from Tales of Destiny

[CG 2017]

Klarthe from Tales of Phantasia

[CG 2017]

And of course, Velvet from Tales of Beseria