etsy and storenvy updated with Tales of merch! [sale]

Huzzah, my etsy shop is finally updated with all of the leftovers from Aselia-con this past weekend! I have large and small prints up plus listings for single or a set of 3 button badges! Feel free to message me for custom listings if you want to save on shipping. I will return with a listing for all of my designs in a few days as well. (Updated with a general listing!) Thanks again for sharing and supporting. Please remember all proceeds after shipping and listing fees go to charities and this quarter’s cause is environmental groups because of Earth Day on April 22! for those of you who prefer storenvy!

new art twitter! plus Tales of fanart! [fanart]

I will be active (somewhat) on twitter with my revamped art/cosplay account at

Please follow for works in progress, finished works, cosplay, jewelry and other projects! And also some art talk, lmao.

I will also be tabling at Aselia-con in Irving, Texas on March 17 through 19th (my lovely assistant will be selling on Friday and Saturday for me.) Please stop by and get some small prints and buttons of some of your favorite Tales of characters! Including my favorites, such as Tear.

Tear Grants (Tales of the Abyss)

Tear Grants (Tales of the Abyss)

button badge commission charity drive! [sale]

In solidarity with my artist friends working to donate to the various groups that will need help in the future of this nation of America, I am opening commissions for 2 and ¼ inch buttons! Minimum donations start at $10, which will include the psd file as well as the button mailed out to you. Feel free to donate more and request something else if you don’t want a button, I just happen to have spare button parts. I am open to drawing portraits of any style, also pets, slogans, designs, so here is your chance to get a holiday gift of something very unique to put on your bag!

100% of proceeds (after shipping/handling) from my etsy and tictail sales and this donation drive will go to Planned Parenthood (or other charitable organization of your or my choice.)


  • Send your donation through Paypal to Planned Parenthood or ACLU or legit charitable organization of your choice and send the confirmation receipt to me (clari_san @  or….
  • Paypal your desired donation directly to me and I’ll send it over to Planned Parenthood, which I have worked with in the past
  • “You don’t have to make your PP donation in honor of Mike Pence, but it never hurts to stick it to the man” as per @141-point-12
  • Feel free to email me reference pictures, mailing address or other info to clari_san @ Thanks!

BAM-fest and store updates



I attend BAM-fest in Burleson, Texas for the first time, and set up my table to sell buttons and charms and other pieces of art, close to my buddy at Galactic Dust Bunnies. It was a very cozy con, I don’t believe I did too well, but fortunately, I didn’t have to, lol. Please view my online shops for leftover sales, including all the charms, the button designs and the 1 print I have finished. (prints, buttons, charms) (prints, buttons, charms and also clothing/accessory resale) (original art and charms and jewelry only!)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my tables, shopped at my online stores or shared links, I appreciate it!

Bam-fest Artist Alley and new instagram!

I will be selling at Burleson Anime and Manga festival in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this Saturday, so come visit! Preview of items I will be selling and other artwork can be found at my public instagram here…

We finally broke down and got a button maker, so I will be making lots of those on site. I also have some themed jewelry, original paintings, phone charms and small stickers! Once the festival is over, I will sell a few leftovers on storenvy, tictail and etsy!

New Fire Emblem Fates charms! [sale]

Ryoma, Marx/Xander, Leon, Takumi

Ryoma, Marx/Xander, Leon, Takumi

I have these four large and beautifully metallic charms for sale of the 4 male royal family members in Fire Emblem Birthright and Conquest! Feel free to request either keychain or phonestrap/dustplug in either silver or gold. These are the last acrylic charms I will be making, so all purchases are now ultra rare limited edition lol.

Visit my tictail store here or my storenvy store here to buy!

big clearance sale, everything must go! [fanart]

I’m clearing out all of my old phone charms for new stock this year, so everything is on super discount with free gifts and lowered shipping to the US and worldwide. Please note that these are all requested designs, once I run out, I will not reprint anymore.

Type in “THIRTY” for a 30% discount on entire store and enjoy lowered shipping to the US and worldwide. Remember, you can request star charms or dust plugs at no cost. The Touken Ranbu charms will also come with 1 small sticker, limited supplies.

Osomatsu charms – only $3 each or $16 for the whole set, limited supplies. If you buy the whole set, you get a free 4″x6″ photo print of the 6 brothers. Please message me if you are interested!

Tales of charms – $4 for each charm plus a free sticker, limited supplies. I only have 3 charms for each character, 2 small stickers each, and only 1 large sticker for Sorey and Mikleo, so message me if you want them! First come first serve.

Thanks again for your support, even if you cannot buy, please share this post! I hope to have brand new items in the next 2 months to show that will be way better than these, which tbh are my first attempts at printing merch.