Black Friday sale + 2 new FE fanart [fanart, sale]

Be sure to check out my Etsy for a new listing of discounted damaged/sample buttons with free US shipping.

At tictail, I couldn’t add free shipping so it’s only $0.25 for each damaged button lol, with free shipping after $20 for the entire store.

Both sites have temporary discounts on shipping on both domestic and international purchases and freebies will be added as long as I have something relevant.

Also, these 2 new designs of Chrom and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening will be added to the roster as well! If you haven’t already, check out my icon/button commission page for a special portrait for the holidays.


(CG, 2018)

(CG, 2018)


Holiday commission button sales go! [sales]

Check out the google docs link here if you want a reasonably priced button-badge or icon commission (portrait style).

Please read the terms and conditions before submitting your request. Please note all button badges will be in the style of the current Fire Emblem ones I have up on my shop or this sample page, there will be no chibis or couples or extensive backgrounds like in the other buttons. Unless the character is a chibi already, I guess.

I would like to have all commissions sent in by November 30 so I can finish and mail the button badges (to US addresses only) by December 25th. International packages would arrive after December 25th. Of course if you are not paying for the badges, you should get the high res jpg of your icon by Christmas or maybe before New Year’s, which still counts!

fanart and an offer! [fanart]


Newest button designs, Metal Gear and Cells at Work on etsy and tictail!  Also offering $25 simple or portrait commissions for the month of October! I will waive the fee if you show proof you are a millennial voter in Texas voting for Beto. I will give you $50 if you prove you prevented a Cruz vote. I will spot you $250 in bail or medical bills if you risked your livelihood this November to make Beto happen. Up to 5 ppl can redeem the offer! And it doesn’t have to be you, it can be your cousin who registered to vote in Texas, too. Let’s make this happen!

Cells at Work [fanart]

Finally watching some new anime this season, including “Cells at Work” on crunchyroll! It amuses me since I have a medical field background, but also it’s very funny with memorable character designs and voice acting! Here are the 2 side characters that show up the most often lol, Killer T cell and Macrophage.

[cg, 2018]

[CG, 2018]

Outfit August progress! [original]

Heyo, I worked on a monthly challenge for August which was #outfitaugust! Basically draw a figure wearing outfits fitting the prompts for the day for 31 days. I didn’t get anywhere close to finished, but I used my original character from years ago, a succubus warrior named Eisheth, and it helped me work out some kinks in drawing outfits, so an overall positive learning experience, if not by much lol. Here are the first 11 days (skipping the most difficult prompts as per usual.)

[CG, 2018]

thanks for an awesome okashicon!

It was a small first year con but we had a good time and I was just really pleasantly surprised by the venue and vibe. I hope okashicon continues to grow and be even better in the future! Here Atelier Insomniel was annexed into Kawaii Empire by my bff thelonebamf lol.

one week until Okashicon in Austin, Texas!

Hey everybody! I will be selling on Saturday with my best buddy at Okashicon in Austin Texas next week! Please come by and get buttons, mini prints and stickers and charms of my newest art! (And old stuff too lol). Check out for tickets, guest list and schedule for this small but fun event!

new charms! [fanart]

Hello friends! Just updating with my latest acrylic keychain charms, this time of Wonder Woman! Only five were made, so get them when they debut at Okashi-kon weekend in Austin, Texas! I will also have even more new buttons of both retro and hip franchises available!

wonder chain