BAM-fest and store updates [sale]



I attend BAM-fest in Burleson, Texas for the first time, and set up my table to sell buttons and charms and other pieces of art, close to my buddy at Galactic Dust Bunnies. It was a very cozy con, I don’t believe I did too well, but fortunately, I didn’t have to, lol. Please view my online shops for leftover sales, including all the charms, the button designs and the 1 print I have finished. (prints, buttons, charms) (prints, buttons, charms and also clothing/accessory resale) (original art and charms and jewelry only!)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my tables, shopped at my online stores or shared links, I appreciate it!


Bam-fest Artist Alley and new instagram!

I will be selling at Burleson Anime and Manga festival in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this Saturday, so come visit! Preview of items I will be selling and other artwork can be found at my public instagram here…

We finally broke down and got a button maker, so I will be making lots of those on site. I also have some themed jewelry, original paintings, phone charms and small stickers! Once the festival is over, I will sell a few leftovers on storenvy, tictail and etsy!

New Fire Emblem Fates charms! [sale]

Ryoma, Marx/Xander, Leon, Takumi

Ryoma, Marx/Xander, Leon, Takumi

I have these four large and beautifully metallic charms for sale of the 4 male royal family members in Fire Emblem Birthright and Conquest! Feel free to request either keychain or phonestrap/dustplug in either silver or gold. These are the last acrylic charms I will be making, so all purchases are now ultra rare limited edition lol.

Visit my tictail store here or my storenvy store here to buy!

First time at an Artist Alley table!

I was lucky to get Friday and Sunday off this past weekend to sell my art and wares at a local Tales of videogame centered convention. It was an adorably small niche convention, so the artist alley was very tiny and the attendance was lower than the big comic and anime conventions in the area, and also I was not as familiar with as many of the Tales games as I should be. Still, we managed to fortunately make a small profit from phone charms and stickers! I’m glad I took the opportunity to sell, as it was a learning experience and I met some cool fans and all that. This Wednesday, my good friend will be selling the rest of the phone charms and stickers at another small college convention, so that should be an adventure.

Some (low quality Facebook) photos, sorry for the blurriness.

Sunday’s table set up, plus my kuro lolita outfit and some sample art trading cards I worked on Friday and Sunday (ink and prismacolor marker.)


My two latest acrylic charms, Saitama from One Punch Man and Sakura from Card Captor Sakura! Adorable!

Touken Ranbu charms update on Tictail [fanart]

I’ve uploaded the current set of Touken Ranbu and Free! acrylic charms to tictail, so feel free to share the link!

Anyway, I think they’re adorable. Please let me know if you have any requests, I do have a few photo keychains/phone charms I’ll put custom artwork into, if anyone would like those.


Touken Ranbu chibi Kashuu and Yamato

Touken Ranbu chibi Kashuu and Yamato

Touken Ranbu chibi Kogitsunemaru and Mikazuki

Touken Ranbu chibi Kogitsunemaru and Mikazuki

Free! chibi Rei and Rin

Free! chibi Rei and Rin