button badge commission charity drive! [sale]

In solidarity with my artist friends working to donate to the various groups that will need help in the future of this nation of America, I am opening commissions for 2 and ¼ inch buttons! Minimum donations start at $10, which will include the psd file as well as the button mailed out to you. Feel free to donate more and request something else if you don’t want a button, I just happen to have spare button parts. I am open to drawing portraits of any style, also pets, slogans, designs, so here is your chance to get a holiday gift of something very unique to put on your bag!

100% of proceeds (after shipping/handling) from my etsy and tictail sales and this donation drive will go to Planned Parenthood (or other charitable organization of your or my choice.)


  • Send your donation through Paypal to Planned Parenthood or ACLU or legit charitable organization of your choice and send the confirmation receipt to me (clari_san @ yahoo.com)  or….
  • Paypal your desired donation directly to me and I’ll send it over to Planned Parenthood, which I have worked with in the past
  • “You don’t have to make your PP donation in honor of Mike Pence, but it never hurts to stick it to the man” as per @141-point-12
  • Feel free to email me reference pictures, mailing address or other info to clari_san @ yahoo.com. Thanks!

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