big clearance sale, everything must go! [fanart]

I’m clearing out all of my old phone charms for new stock this year, so everything is on super discount with free gifts and lowered shipping to the US and worldwide. Please note that these are all requested designs, once I run out, I will not reprint anymore.

Type in “THIRTY” for a 30% discount on entire store and enjoy lowered shipping to the US and worldwide. Remember, you can request star charms or dust plugs at no cost. The Touken Ranbu charms will also come with 1 small sticker, limited supplies.

Osomatsu charms – only $3 each or $16 for the whole set, limited supplies. If you buy the whole set, you get a free 4″x6″ photo print of the 6 brothers. Please message me if you are interested!

Tales of charms – $4 for each charm plus a free sticker, limited supplies. I only have 3 charms for each character, 2 small stickers each, and only 1 large sticker for Sorey and Mikleo, so message me if you want them! First come first serve.

Thanks again for your support, even if you cannot buy, please share this post! I hope to have brand new items in the next 2 months to show that will be way better than these, which tbh are my first attempts at printing merch.


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