First time at an Artist Alley table!

I was lucky to get Friday and Sunday off this past weekend to sell my art and wares at a local Tales of videogame centered convention. It was an adorably small niche convention, so the artist alley was very tiny and the attendance was lower than the big comic and anime conventions in the area, and also I was not as familiar with as many of the Tales games as I should be. Still, we managed to fortunately make a small profit from phone charms and stickers! I’m glad I took the opportunity to sell, as it was a learning experience and I met some cool fans and all that. This Wednesday, my good friend will be selling the rest of the phone charms and stickers at another small college convention, so that should be an adventure.

Some (low quality Facebook) photos, sorry for the blurriness.

Sunday’s table set up, plus my kuro lolita outfit and some sample art trading cards I worked on Friday and Sunday (ink and prismacolor marker.)


My two latest acrylic charms, Saitama from One Punch Man and Sakura from Card Captor Sakura! Adorable!


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